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My Wonderwall Blog

This blog is the best description of that something called "life". Enjoy the read.

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Re-edited Rommate's story pt.1







It was 2011 going back to the time when it all started.

Damn... the true beginning of independency.. but even a bigger damn for the fact that I still have this fucking blog. 

I am on here for 13 years ! wow so much consistency in which lately the inspiration of bringing be back to here and just write again.

Well, quite frankly I do write a lot for school, short statuses on Facebook but nothing more... 

This place, Israblog is, indeed, in a way home. 

Man.. I used to be on here for hours, days, months interacting with fellow bloggers from all over Israel.

From that child who just graudated high school to a child who's now already goddamn 31 years old now, independent but still writes stories about his life.

So, yeah 2011.. was that a big of a year.. big house in the city of Hod Hasharon Israel was sold, many uncertainited regarding my future, the idea of becoming indepedent truly started as I was throwing myself into the  water becoming indepednet from my parents. 

But, yeah... let's focus on those roommies.. shall we?

Ok here it comes... since I am limited on the amount of time that I am writing to you today.. there will be a continue... so most likely that part 2 will follow this one if not more...

משהו קטן עכשיו בעברית לפניי שאני ממשיך. אם הגבתם פה פעם, נפגשתם איתי.. או מכירים את הבלוג, שלחו לי בבקשה תגובה... אני ממש אשמח. 

לראות אם עוד מישהו עדיין זוכר אותי מהימים שהייתי קצת פחות אנונימי והיו לי עשרות כניסות ביום. 

And back! 

So... roommates what?

wut wut wutttt

YEah those things call roommates... 

First thing , by foremost, to find a house, a  place to live is one of the most nerve wrecking and tired processes that one can go through. 

Man, it makes me tired, lose energies and sometimes even hope... but if you never experienced it... I think it is a good thing to go through in life before settling in of family, or a good friend or perhaps when ya'll get married.

Oh and yeah... FYI I am STILL FUCKING  SINGLE.... 

Well, being single and the ladies I have met in the past few years is another topic by itself to be discussed.. and you bet

that when this blog returns in  the future from its anonymity youll get a nice

So the first time that I truly left my home was 2011, we just left the big house, it was somewhat a inside feeling that things were about to change.. big changes in an unknown future... 

The experience of living with aunt and uncle was a tough one... landed to the not-so nice family who usually welcomes me and my family from Israel with open arms and a big heart. 

Man, it was a nightmare, everybody was walking on egg shells, they were observing every god damn move that me and mymom did. Its even gotten to a situation to where they actually started saying things and criticising us especially, me when my family dcided to have a meeting about me without my consent. What the hell?

I am sure that I had a lot to say of them back then... I do not regret it because they have a serious issue of my drawing boundaries as for criticising in a very shameful, childish way that made them probably feel better about themselves... 

After a long time... סטנדרטי it took a while for all parties to calm down.. my mom and her sister never had anything like this before as they were bumping heads and arguing on the phone on the very shameful way they were behaving. My aunt has a lot of health issue... bones, hips, stomach, ears and taking a bunch of meds... 

Honestly to say.. they were my roommates and I tried to behave nice and ask simple questions and she got upset of why I was asking her things again... my aunt gets aggravted very easily on things... nowadays she went through some surgeries and tries very hard to stay healthy and strong as she continues her struggle. 

After a rough 5 month period of living in their basmement, they had this cool property on there land. Small house which was ll mines for 5 months! It was aweomse! But, they were cold, ignorant and almost had no communication at all with me. At times, I feel like when it comes to live with a person, they will show you a very different side to them. 

Those 5 months gave me a new experience, a second one to live by myself and take care of myself for the true first time in like 25 years of my life. 

My aunt and uncle set a date for me to move out.. they were gracious of utilities but when I was asking questions, how surprisings, they were aggravted... what the?????? Really???? 

That is when in rough 2012 I was looking for a place for the first time. 

I saw many places... and that is where things got interesting... yep... those characters... Wow... 

The people you encounter.. and the unfortuante first experience out of "the famoly zone" shed light on an experience of what is it to live with complete strangers that you have absolutely nothing in common with. 

Damn.. since there were so many places, people that I spoke to on the phone, I will try to be elusive as possible.

Well, every house has a different household... which is totally understood.. people are a mess or they are super clean... super neat... in a way that once again they have no problem of accusing you if you left a cup out. 

The first guy was this black African dude.. an area in Maryland called Montgomery Village, is not particularly a very good area... low class population, violent and crime have been reported there more than most parts of what called Montgomery County. 

That first dude came out with this white bathrobe.. pretending to be in this some sort of high class or something.. well call it pretending.. He had an accent... either an African one or perhaps a French one. 

I already forgot his name but.. it was sp weird. His white leather couches was the god for him. I accept the idea of not putting dirty legs on the couch but I feel the living room you suppose to do that and just relax... He even said that loco that until he gets to know me lol, he will only then allow me to my legs on the couches. 

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